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Name:Cyclops/Emma Frost Community
Location:Salem Center, New York, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Scott/Emma
Please join if you too are a CYCLOPS/EMMA FROST fan!!


1) Keep your posts Emott related, please. Discussion about other characters, other characters included in fic, vids, icons, etc are okay as long as there is some Emott content in your post.

2) Remember, LJ-CUT is your friend. Any more than three icons, screenshots, spoilers, fanfiction, fanart--cut it please.

3) When posting fics please use a header that includes: title, rating, summary, warnings/spoilers and disclaimer.

4) No bashing, especially Scott, Emma, or other members of the community or other characters of the X-Men universes.

5) Please add correct tags for each entry. Its to keep the community organized.

Check out Emma/Scott @ LJ = [ profile] emma_scott

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Layout credit goes to [community profile] coliseum.

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astonishing x-men, canon pairings, cyclops, cyclops/emma frost, cyclops/white queen, emma frost, emma frost/cyclops, emma grace frost, emma/scott, emott, fanfiction, generation x, grant morrison, hellfire club, heroes, heroines, marvel universe, new mutants, new x-men, new york, pryde of the x-men, scott summers, scott/emma, superheroes, uncanny x-men, white queen, white queen/cyclops, wolverine and the x-men, wolverine and the xmen, x-men, x-men cartoons, x-men comics, x-men fanfiction, x-men movies, x-men pairing, x-men: evolution, x-men: origins: wolverine, x-men: the animated series, x-men: the end
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